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The partnership de la Torre includes the work of designers Clare, Mark and Luis de la Torre. Mark has run a pottery since 1985, but moves from ceramics to stone to metals and wood without difficulty and has exhibited as a photographer too. His work is always precise, well-made and innovative. He is particularly interested in surface texture - although form is not sacrificed to this. Mark is an acutely observant individual and his study of plants, animals and landscape is clearly reflected in his designs. Currently he collects up his pots for an annual exhibition. If you would like an invitation to this annual show please e-mail him via the site.

Clare de la Torre is a jeweller, photographer and regularly works with the media to promote craft and design. She enjoys the mix that this portfolio of work provides. Her jewellery is usually made of gold or silver sometimes with semi-precious beads. Her object is to design comfortable jewellery that is ageless, fairly understated and yet distinctive - a bit of a balancing act......she is enjoying the low-tech possibilities of sand-casting in her latest collection. Clare's jewellery is on display at Tinsmiths, Ledbury and at temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Please mail Clare to join her exhibiton mailing list.


Luis de la Torre is currently training to be a blacksmith at Holme Lacy College, just outside Hereford. Luis has a eye for detail and particularly enjoys executing fine decorative features to simple designs. In his second year at college he leaves this summer (2013) with a very good understanding of hot metal working - the methods and strict processes that a smith needs have as "second nature" to achieve good results. If you would like to visit Luis at his forge during the term holidays, please call or e-mail. Luis hopes to return to Holme Lacy College for a third and final year in 2013/2014.

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