may hill house cockerel for crows feet

My father worked as a press photographer and I grew up with the sharp vapours of the darkroom. Although I studied photography at art college, taking photographs for a living really simply grew from the necessity for good images of pots and jewellery for editorial and publicity use. I enjoy the discipline that framing a composition on screen or through a viewfinder imposes and I especially like to keep images visually clear and concise. I often play a visual game with myself, assessing how little of an object can be included before the object becomes unidentifiable - this often allows me space in the image to get close up and show surface qualities, for example.

Clare de la Torre.

  baskets by jenny crisp ludlow ceramics by rachel pritchard church door oil by colin simmonds  
      artisan products from lark porcelain by stuart houghton    



  cast iron
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